Jun 27

Having Wedding Venues At Art Galleries Is A Good Idea.


Not very many people can make the connection between a wedding ceremony and an art gallery. The closest that many others come to tying the two the idea of buying an antique piece of art as a present for the newlyweds. But did you know that art galleries can also serve for a vintage wedding ceremony venue?

If your idea of a perfect wedding is an Elizabethan occasion and you have already chosen the most vintage bridesmaid dresses, then you need to consider hosting it in an art gallery. Not convinced? Here are a few plus points why you may want to consider an art gallery the venue for your wedding:


There is something about art galleries that spells tranquility. Art galleries are among the most serene places that you will ever come across. For an invites-alone hushed wedding ceremony, consider choosing an art gallery that is distanced from the hustle and bustle of the city. Wearing magnificent wedding dresses and walking down the aisle among the arts actually paints a very romantic picture of the day. Booking an art gallery for the material day will give you the ambience required.

Great Photo Opportunities

Unlike other wedding venues that may require a lot of decorations to make them picturesque, art galleries come with ready embellishments that will make the photos you take in your cute wedding dresses worth a fortune. You can choose to have your pictures taken next to the vintage art or outdoors in the art gallery’s manicured landscapes.

Art Galleries Provide an All-in-one Wedding Venue

Instead of shuffling from venue to venue, consider the centralization provided by an art gallery. Art galleries offer ample indoor as well as outdoor space for you and your guests. You can tie the knot in one of the rooms and then retire to another prearranged room for the after party. The photo session can be arranged on the art galleries well landscaped lawns. The only time you will need to leave the venue is when the newlyweds have changed from the bridesmaid dresses and suits and are heading to their romantic honeymoon.

Cut Down On the Logistic

When you rent an art gallery for your wedding ceremony, chances are the staff there will be handling the nitty-gritty details of the ceremony including the venue decorations and sitting arrangements. This can go a long way in cutting down the logistics costs and a bout of headache that handling the occasion’s logistics is bound to cause. You can request that the venue be decorated with furnishings and décor that complement either the bridesmaid dresses or the brides dress.

Final Word

Apart from the above obvious benefits, you may find that renting art galleries offers the best value for your money. It is also a welcome relief from the conventional wedding venues. Before you book an art gallery, you may want to consider the sitting capacity and compare this with the list of your guests. Also make sure that you have asked for a quotation before hand, and enjoy your nuptials. They only happen once.

The Grand Hall of Transit Gallery is now open to the public for wedding venues or other events. If you are interested in this service, please send your email to: venues@transitgallery.ca to book your reservation. We also have a great collection of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses to rent at very reasonable prices. Click this link to view our wedding dress collection and this link to view bridesmaid dress collection.



Mar 15

Importance of Visiting Galleries

Art GalleryVisiting art galleries are often times neglected for those who are not much appreciative of it. This may have given the least priority, however, there are lessons we could get through it. Behind each art work is a legacy and inspiration of an artist.

Every art work has a story to tell. It is a legacy left by the artist which can live with us even after thousands of years. This can contribute to the growth of an individual. Through it we can picture out what has happened to our folks thousands of years ago. And later on, understand the culture that has transpired up to this day. Hence, this art works are full of knowledge. It is still essential to keep on learning the past, despite the modernization of the world. Art works can also be effective in attracting us if it is in line of our interest or perception. On the other hand it can be argumentative, if it appears to be in deviation to our personality. Thus, it can make our minds work intellectually.

It will also keep us inspired in doing our day to day tasks. We will somehow reflect on the luck we have at present upon seeing artifacts of our heritance. Through this art work we may realize how fortunate we are to have a much easier life considering the technology we have now. The idea of having a legacy to be passed on to our children may be given emphasis. Like the artist, we can as well make a difference in inspiring people in our own way. With this activity, you can widen your realm and awareness.

Galleries are not just a display area of art works. They are alive and conscious personifications of our history and culture. Without it, we will never be where we are now. It is somehow part of shaping our characteristics and innovative world. In an artistic way, it describes how a simple tool becomes a high technology ones through the years passed. It is important for an individual to learn to appreciate the history of the country we are living. That is why visiting to Art galleries are included to the activities in school. It has teachings that cannot be relayed by teachers inside the classroom as it needs to be experienced by students first hand. It is considered priceless to be able to touch and feel the art works that will never fade.


Feb 02

Why Lighting for Galleries is Important?


Managing a gallery is never an easy task since you are going to have a great responsibility in your shoulder. When it comes to a gallery, there are lots of things that you have to consider for the maintenance and one of which is the lighting of the whole place. Lighting a gallery is very important in order ensure that there is proper light in the entire area and next to it; it will save the artworks from getting damaged.

When planning to light the gallery that you manage, the best thing that you can do is to make use of those LED lights. These are now the perfect choices that you can have for an effective lighting of the whole area in your gallery. Aside from that, you can minimize the expenses when buying the LED lights since they come with a very affordable price. Aside from that, LED lights are very durable and therefore it could long last.

Here are some of the reasons why you have to choose LED lights in lighting a gallery.

  1. It can give brighter light than incandescent bulbs. When you are going to choose the lighting for your gallery, LED lights will be of great advantage considering the fact that it is brighter than those ordinary light bulbs. Phillips LED lights are the brand name that you can consider when you are now ready to install the light and when you already have the budget to purchase the bulb. By using such bulb, you can maximize the brightness of the whole space and therefore, you can be sure that the artworks are safe as well.
  2. LED lights come with elegant designs. When using LED lights for lighting a gallery, you are also following the trend of architectural designs today. Most of the architects now wants to make use these LED lights in the sense that it has unique designs than those ordinary kinds of incandescent bulbs.
  3.  It adds luminosity to the ceiling. Most of the galleries today are also using LED lights since it has the capacity to add more light in the ceiling of your gallery. This means to say that you can also have the chance to enhance the lights designs of the gallery as well which will also help emphasize the artworks being displayed in every corner.

You can now start lighting your gallery with these effective LED light bulbs.


Jan 23

Reasons for Buying Contemporary Art Pieces


Certain people are afraid of contemporary art. They gaze at a painted image, statue, or fixing, and they do not know what it really represents. From time to time, they do not even recognize what it is regarding. Since the unidentified is frightening, they come to be fearful of the contemporary art.

On the other hand, there are countless motives to purchase art to display in your household or workplace, and very few motives to be terrified of it. Once you comprehend the contemporary art drive, you will be capable of avoiding anxiety and as an alternative, relish this channel of expression.

Find an Art Piece that Matches Your Area in your Office or Home

When you select to purchase art, you will be given the chance to discover the art piece that complements your space and your way of life in an unsurpassed way prior to making your acquisition. Contemporary art arises in all shades, shapes, and is created by all sorts of resources. Whether you are in search for a sculpture, a painting, a collage, or anything else, you will be able to discover a contemporary artist who creates what you want.

Into the bargain, contemporary art doles out with all categories of themes. Every now and then, you will have to study a artwork to catch on what it is concerning. Nevertheless, it is frequently pretty perfect what the artist is attempting to say. If you discover a portion that speaks anything you agree with, then you would be able purchase an art piece the not only complements your decoration but your principles as well.

Recognize Local Artists

Purchasing contemporary art is a fantastic way to absorb about and even become acquainted with a local, American artist. Many of the individuals who create contemporary art most likely live even in your town or city, but you could probably not overhear about them except you go in search of new fine art such as a painting for your walls.